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3D Time of Flight (ToF) USB Camera - DepthVista_USB_RGBIRD


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DepthVista_USB_RGBIRD (See3CAM_TOF_25CUG) is a Time of Flight (ToF) USB camera designed for precise 3D depth measurement. This ToF USB camera comes with a combination of a 3D Depth sensor which streams depth data at a high resolution of 640 x 480 @ 30fps and AR0234 color global shutter sensor from onsemi® which streams video data of HD and FHD @30fps.

This enables both obstacle detection and object recognition / identification with one camera. DepthVista_USB_RGBIRD is a 3D Time of Flight USB camera that has both far and close-range modes of 1.2m and 6m respectively. Also, this 3D ToF camera uses VCSEL of 850nm for safer for human eyes and can operate even in absolute darkness.

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