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ORG4572 GPS/GLONASS Receiver Module Kit

ORG4572 GPS/GLONASS Receiver Module Kit


Multi Spider (ORG4572) is a fully-integrated, highly-sensitive GNSS module. 
Designed to support ultra-compact applications such as smart watches, wearable devices, trackers and digital cameras, Multi Spider is a miniature GNSS receiver that continuously tracks all satellites in view, providing real-time positioning data in standard NMEA format.


Fully integrated in a small form factor
Measuring only 7x7mm, the Spider is a fully integrated GNSS module. Unlike GNSS modules of similar size, it includes LNA, SAW Filter, TCXO and RTC crystal, a power management unit as well as a RF shield.

Outstanding performance and sensitivity
The Spider module offers superior sensitivity and outstanding performance, achieving rapid time to first fix (TTFF) in less than one second, accuracy of approximately one meter, and tracking sensitivity of -165dBm.

Low power consumption
Spider’s architecture can detect changes in context, temperature, and satellite signals by maintaining and opportunistically updating its internal fine time, frequency, and ephemeris data, thereby achieving a state of near continuous availability, while consuming mere microwatts of battery power.



ORG4572-R01-TR Receiver Module

ORG4572-R01-UAR Evaluation Kit

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About OrginGPS:
OriginGPS is a world leading development, manufacturer and provider of advanced minimized GPS antenna-modules. The company is the leader of integrated GPS module and RF antenna. They offer  the world’s smallest GPS antenna-modules, optimizing integration with mobile devices (e.g. hand-held computers and cellular phones), while even improving performance (Noise Free Zone System).

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