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Maxtena Inc. is the recognized global leader in developing and producing innovative antenna solutions. Maxtena are engaged in designing, manufacturing and marketing a comprehensive range of embedded, external and custom antenna solutions for GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, COMPASS, Galileo), M2M, MSS and 4G LTE applications.

Maxtena provides antenna products and consulting services to businesses, the United States and foreign governments, and non-governmental organizations around the world. Maxtena's antenna products are ideally suited for portable wireless applications including satellite phones, military radio, hand-held navigation, GPS tracking, recreational devices and laptop computers. Their consulting services include feasibility studies, chamber testing and prototyping.

Maxtena use proprietary and patented technologies to design extremely lightweight and high performance helical, patch and LTE antenna solutions for satellite communications. With our industry leading antenna engineering staff, we can provide expert assistance in any antenna integration. Maxtena are uniquely positioned to enable OEMs with a custom antenna solution that is both quick and cost-effective.


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