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TALLYMATICS Introduces the TW5390 Smart Antenna with IP-Network and L-Band Augmentation Service Capability

Known for precision geolocation applications and equipment, TALLYMATICS Inc., a division of Tallysman Wireless, a Calian company, is excited to introduce its latest Smart Antenna to the market, the TW5390 Smart Antenna with IP-Network and L-Band Augmentation Service capability.

TALLYMATICS has leveraged its experience in GNSS applications, design, and manufacturing to combine Tallysman Inc.’s best-in-class GNSS antenna technology with the high precision u-Blox F9R GNSS receiver and DS9 L-Band receiver modules, delivering a reliable and convenient Smart Antenna with PPP-RTK augmentation services yielding <6 cm accuracy. The TW5390 solves all the complexities of GNSS design. It sends the host system PPP-RTK corrected coordinates in NMEA format over a robust RS-485 interface, assuring results that meet your high expectations.


  • Simultaneous dual-band coverage for GPS, Galileo, Glonass and Beidou
  • Superior multi-path rejection with Tallysman Accutenna technology
  • Low Noise Amplifier
  • Tallysman’s eXtended Filtering (XF) technology mitigates saturation from nearby RF signals (targeting LTE and Ligado)
  • Tight measured phase center offset and low axial ratio enabling accurate and precise positioning
  • Direct decoding of PointPerfect, SPARTN formatted augmentation packets (u-Blox specific)
  • IP-Network and L-Band augmentation communications channels
  • Built-in Inertial Measurement Unit for UDR and ADR
  • Fast convergence time (40 seconds (PPP_RTK)) < 6cm accuracy
  • IP69K package
  • RS-485 transceivers
  • Tallymatics SDK available with computer interface, TruPrecision software and 60 days of free PointPerfect service
  • 5m, 15m, and 25m cable lengths
  • Rugged, fixed mount


Established in 2009, TALLYMATICS Inc. is a division of leading GNSS antenna manufacturer Tallysman Wireless Inc., A Calian Group company. TALLYMATICS delivers reliable, accurate and affordable asset tracking solutions compatible with a range of wireless networks, such as LMR and LTE, and servicing many industries with mobile geolocation requirements. With a strong reputation for customer support, well-designed software and innovative hardware, TALLYMATICS works with value-added partners across the globe to deliver high-quality fleet management solutions. Satisfied customers operate in markets from school transportation to utilities and public works to construction and public safety. TALLYMATICS also provides its customers with high-accuracy Smart GNSS antennas for timing and precision location applications.

This article was originally published by Tallysman Wireless Inc.

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