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Innodisk is launching the very first industrial-grade DDR4 2666MT/s DRAM modules!

on Tuesday, 05 September 2017. Posted in News

Innodisk is launching the very first industrial-grade DDR4 2666MT/s DRAM modules!

The new Innodisk DDR4 2666-series introduces the industry-first 2666MT/s DRAM modules for industrial and embedded applications. The series boasts faster data transfer speed and increased efficiency, and is also designed for server applications on the new Intel® Xeon® Scalable platforms (also known as Purley).

DDR4 2666 modules for server applications use high quality original ICs and are equipped with thermal sensors that will alert the user if temperatures exceed a predefined threshold. In addition to server applications, the DDR4 2666-series also perform very well in broad variety of other embedded markets such as automation, casino gaming and surveillance.

The DDR4 2666-series is a solid upgrade from earlier DRAM modules. Compared to 2400MT/s modules, the new series boasts 11.2% higher speed; and with a power consumption of only 1.2V the modules are significantly more energy efficient.

Extended Compatibility

  • Designed for server use on the Intel® Xeon® Platform
  • Broad applicability for various vertical markets

New Mainstream Speed

  • 2666MT/s data transfer rate
  • 11.2% faster than equivalent 2400MT/s modules

Wide Array of Form Factors

  • Available in UDIMM, SODIMM, MINI DIMM form factors
  • Very Low-profile (VLP) also available for space-constrained systems





About Innodisk:
Founded in March 2005 by Mr. Richard Lee, InnoDisk Corp. has become the industry-leading manufacturer and solution provider of flash storage devices for industrial applications and embedded systems. With the long experience and profound knowledge in NAND flash memory, InnoDisk is capable of developing series of product with excellent quality, remarkable performance, and high reliability as well as cost effective.

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