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Acrosser Embedded System is Ready for You
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Acrosser Embedded System is Ready for You

on Wednesday, 10 January 2018. Posted in News

Acrosser Embedded System is Ready for You

An embedded system is one kind of a computer system designed mainly to perform several tasks, like to access, process, store and control the data in various electronics-based systems. It is a combination of hardware, software, and firmware, and it is designed to make the work more efficient and convenient.
The applications of embedded systems usually include industrial automation, computer networking, telecommunications, digital consumer electronics, machine automation and etc.

Generally speaking, Acrosser embedded system products can be used in several areas, such as industrial automation and embedded computing.

In terms of industrial automation, Acrosser’s embedded products include embedded automation computers, automation controllers & I/Os, human machine interfaces, industrial communication device, machine automation application and Remote I/O Modules. All these embedded products improve productivity and efficiency in factory or manufacturing site.

When it comes to embedded computing , Acrosser provides solutions from basic industrial motherboards, such as COM Express Type 6 & Type 7, PC104 ISA board, PCI104 I/O modules, mini-iTX motherboard and EPIC, to 3.5 biscuit single board computers and multifunction fanless embedded Box PCs. Acrosser can design any form factor, on customer request, for POS, KIOSK, Gaming machine, or building automation for multiple industrial applications.

Moreover, Acrosser embedded product line offers robust and reliable system performances, and it also offers a wide series of fanless embedded PC for customers’ system selection.  Acrosser embedded product line is perfect for industrial, military/aerospace, gaming, medical, transportation, IoT, and general computing embedded applications.

Found in 1987, Acrosser Technology with over 30-year experiences in helping customers to solve bottleneck or problem in industrial automation and factory automation. ODM/OEM projects are always welcome. If you need a reliable experienced partner to help to develop and design your embedded systems, please feel free to contact us, we will do our best to fulfill your needs.

For pricing and availability, please contact Braemac CA Sales team:

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