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Wireless Gas Leakage Detector with Device Control



Gas leakage detectors sense combustible, toxic, refrigerant and other gases in air quality and process/tank leak monitoring functions. Permanently mounted detectors are found in locations such as factories, warehouses, laboratories and motor vehicle parking/traffic zones. Abnormal gas levels can trigger device control actions such as energizing buzzers and ventilation fans. If controlled devices are located far from the gas detector, a wireless link between detector and controlled device might be faster and less costly to install compared to a wired link.


A gas detector uses a specialized component to sense gas concentration (i.e. of LP or CO). When the detected concentration level exceeds a set point, the transmitter radio sends an encoded alarm message. This gas detector and radio transmitter section typically consumes less than 5 W and can be powered from AC lines, DC lines or batteries. AC-input converters such as AMEL5-MAZ offer high isolation and work at wide temperatures (-40 to +80 °C) while DC-input converters such as AM6TIW-RZ with 9-36 or 18-75 VDC input range allow for flexibility in types of DC sources. The device control receiver typically consumes less than 2 W and can also be powered from AC lines, DC lines or batteries. When powered from AC lines, AME2-SZ is suitable for conversion to isolated DC power. A receiver configuration can use the radio detector’s decoded alarm signal to control a relay. A DC-DC converter such as AM1PS-Z serves as a relay driver with continuous short circuitry protection.

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  • Thursday, 28 January 2016