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Sol Chip Com (SCC - M433)

Sol Chip Sol Chip Com (SCC - M433)


Sol Chip ComTM SCC-M433 enables autonomous monitoring of sensors while transferring the sensors’ data to the cloud. The SCC-M433 is autonomously operated for over 10 years without the need for any maintenance. It is using Sol Chip’s 24/7 Light Battery™ and operates for 24 hours a day during summer and winter.

Simply connect your analog or digital sensor to the SCC-M433 unit and its data will be communicated to the gateway, and from there to the cloud.

The SCC supports Star Network and Mesh Network topologies thus enable coverage of large outdoor areas or long streets.

Star Network   Mesh Network

Key Features

  • Powered by Solar Battery for more than 10 years of maintenance free operation.
  • 433Mhz Radio Frequency – superior performance for outdoor applications.
  • Supports most of the Analog and Digital sensors’ interfaces and provides power to the sensor.
  • Mesh Network enables coverage of very large area. Range between nodes of up to 1500 meters.
  • Transfers sensors’ data through the Gateway to the cloud.
  • Self configured network with auto-association and auto-repair – automatic addition, removal and location changes of nodes and gateway.
  • zero-effort installation and maintenance free operation.


Outdoor Wireless Sensor Networks for:

  • Agriculture - Drip irrigation, Vineyard monitoring etc.
  • Smart Cities - Smart lighting, Smart parking etc.
  • Asset Positioning and Tracking - Equipment, Containers etc.
  • Livestock positioning, monitoring and tracking, pets tracking
  • Surveillances, security and safety
  • Environmental Monitoring - Gas, Fire, pollution & floods detectors
  • Structural health Monitoring
  • Power grid Monitoring
  • Gas-pipes Monitoring
  • Transportation - Cars/Tracks authentication, Toll Roads management