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NVE July News--Low-Power Isolator Launch

on Wednesday, 27 June 2018. Posted in News

NVE July News--Low-Power Isolator Launch

With a typical total quiescent current of just 0.3 mA per channel, the new IL01x-Series low-power isolators draw one-fourth the power of our flagship products.

The new devices use NVE’s patented low-power spintronic Tunneling Magnetoresistance (TMR) technology.

A unique ceramic/polymer composite barrier provides excellent isolation, best-in-class barrier resistance, and virtually unlimited barrier life.

The new parts are low power and provide remarkable performance:
   • 10 Mbps guaranteed maximum data rate
   • No carriers or clocks for low EMI
   • 100 teraohm insulation resistance
   • 2.5 kV isolation
   • 44000 year barrier life
   • -40°C to +100°C

The four-channel versions use NVE’s unique True 8™ wide-body SOIC-16 package with full 8-millimeter creepage in accordance with IEC60601.

Applications include:
   • 4-20 mA loop-powered controls
   • Battery-powered instruments
   • SPI
Sampling began in March, and now production two-direction configurations are available:

   Part #     Transmit/ Receive
Total Supply
    Package          Availability     
IL011-3E 2/0 0.6 mA SOIC-8 Q3 ’18
IL012-3E 1/1 Now
IL015E 4/0 1.2 mA 0.3" SOIC-16 Q3 ’18
IL016E 2/2 Now
IL017E 3/1 Now

  *Typical Iq1 + Iq2; Vdd1 = Vdd2 = 3.3V

The one-direction IL011-3E and IL015E will be available in the third quarter.
Download the IL01x Datasheet >

Low-Power Isolator Demonstration 
We demonstrated SPI interfaces powered by 4-20 mA current loops with the new IL017 low-power isolator. The best-in-class efficiency of IL01x isolators make them ideal for current loop applications:

Low-power isolator demonstration
Demonstrating the new IL017 isolator. 

"Blinky" Angle Sensor Demo Board

Due to popular demand at the Sensor+Test show, we’re offering a new angle sensor demonstration kit. The board has 60 multicolor LEDs to show the accuracy of AAT-Series angle sensors:

Blinky Demo

Demonstrating the New Angle Sensor Demo Board.

The kit features a 5-inch by 5-inch circuit board with:
   • An AAT003 Angle Sensor
   • 60 multicolor smart LEDs (6° spacing) indicate angle
   • Onboard preprogrammed ATtiny microcontroller
   • PWM angle output (8-bit resolution)
   • Factory calibrated with optional field calibration

The kit also includes:
   • Split-pole magnet
   • Magnet locating fixture
   • 5-volt wall-mount power supply module

AAT-Series angle sensors use NVE’s unique Tunneling Magnetoresistance (TMR) technology featuring:
   • Up to 6 megohm bridge resistance for low power
   • 200 mV/V output signal
   • 1.5% maximum nonsinusoidality error
   • Wide sensor-magnet airgap tolerance
   • Sine and cosine outputs for direction detection
   • Ultraminiature 2.5 x 2.5 x 0.8 mm TDFN6

AAT-Series applications include rotary encoders, motor shaft position sensors, and Internet-of-Things sensor nodes.

Download the documentation >


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