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Nipron's UZP/OZP-350 series open frame - ULTRA ZERO POWER SUPPLY

on Monday, 04 December 2017. Posted in News

Nipron's UZP/OZP-350 series open frame - ULTRA ZERO POWER SUPPLY

Single output power supplies with extremely high efficiency, also strong against instantaneous power failures and blackouts!

Amazing power supplies from Nipron, UZP/OZP-350 series are the next generation high-efficiency switching power supplies with the maximum efficiency of 94% or better. Adopting a highly efficient circuit, they have also achieved a significant reduction in heat generation and noise. Since the single power supply unit meets the conducted emission level of VCCI Class B, it is not necessary to add a noise filter.





About Nipron:
Nipron is a manufacturer of standard power supply products. These ATX/SSI compliant products supply stable DC power to computer motherboards including PC server storage as well as peripherals.

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