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New from Nipron: GPSA-5000 Series - Large Capacity 5000W Power Supply

on Monday, 04 December 2017. Posted in News

New from Nipron: GPSA-5000 Series - Large Capacity 5000W Power Supply

Custom made, large capacity 5000W Air-Cooling & Water-Cooling power supplies for Laser Devices have been added to Nipron's standard lineup!  


Major Characteristics

  • 12VSB power supply embedded Standby power supply is embedded: 12V/0.5A 6W
  • Parallel operation available Only set up of the master power supply is required for controlling voltage.
  • Adjustable of output voltage volume available
  • Output voltage control signal available Adjustable of output voltage volume available
  • Remote sensing signal available
  • Able to adjust output voltage (20-96V) by inputting voltage(1-5V). 1V input→20V output, 5V input→96V output (96V type)
  • Correct voltage drop on the output cable of output voltage control signal
    PS_ON signal Blackout detection signal
    PWR_OK signal FAN_MONITOR signal

Customized Water-Cooling Power Supply for Laser Devices



Product Specifications:

About Nipron:
Nipron is a manufacturer of standard power supply products. These ATX/SSI compliant products supply stable DC power to computer motherboards including PC server storage as well as peripherals.

In Nipron, they refer to a computer power supply that stably supplies power to a CPU (which can be likened to a thinking function), memory and hard disk (a storage function) is called as “Brain Power Supply.” Likewise, they call the one that supplies power to the drives as the “Body Power Supply.” Nipron will strive for development of differentiating products and creation of new markets.
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