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New 10.1” HDMI TFT Module Available from Newhaven Display International, Inc.

on Tuesday, 11 September 2018. Posted in News

New 10.1” HDMI TFT Module Available from Newhaven Display International, Inc.

Elgin, IL- September 10, 2018 - Newhaven Display International, Inc. announces a new 10.1” TFT Display Module with HDMI interface.

HDMI interface displays are now bigger than ever before at Newhaven Display. Our HDMI TFT product line is expanding to include two new 10.1” size modules. These two new products feature our 10.1” TFT paired with our custom PCB designed by us here in Elgin, Illinois for HDMI compatibility, among other features.

The two options are differentiated by a Capacitive Touch Screen version, and a version with no touch panel. Both options come standard with a durable steel mounting bracket featuring server-rack-height threaded mounting holes. Both of the 10.1” HDMI TFT Modules are 1024x600 pixel resolution and sport MVA technology for 75° viewing from all angles. The boards on these products also have a Texas Instruments Audio Amplifier embedded to allow for the use of the audio channel already supported by HDMI. Easily up-scale your display project thanks to simple, standard HDMI interfacing.

Just like our other HDMI TFT Modules, the process of connecting to the display is extremely easy. There’s no need to work around any ribbon cables or extra controller boards, just connect a standard HDMI cable directly to the TFT Module. Setup for the Capacitive Touch Panel version is easy as well; Connect the touch panel via USB cable and the USB-HID driver recognition will quickly initialize the touch panel for use right away.

The durable steel bracket included with both 10.1” HDMI TFT options provides a secure and stable way to mount the display within any application. The bracket is server rack-unit height making it an easy fit for standard server racks. These mounting brackets bring a vibration-resistant and reliable method of installation already packaged with the 10.1” HDMI TFT Modules.

HDMI compatible displays at Newhaven Display have never been bigger. Now is your chance to scale up your project with the latest and greatest in easy-to-use HDMI display products.


  • Standard High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI)
  • USB-HID Capacitive Touch Panel
  • On-board Texas Instruments Audio Amplifier for Audio Support
  • Durable Steel Mounting Bracket with Threaded Standoffs
  • MVA Viewing Angles (75° all directions)
  • Compatible with PC (Windows / Linux) and SBCs such as RaspberryPi & BeagleBone
  • High Brightness LED Driver with PWM Control
  • 1024x600 pixel resolution
  • Engineered and Assembled in Elgin, IL USA
  • RoHS Compliant

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