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• HDMI interface
• 800 x 480 pixels
• On-board LED Driver with PWM
• White LED Backlight (280 cd/m2)
• Transmissive
• 12:00 Optimal View
• Wide Temperature (-20C to +70C)
• RoHS

Product Video

Introducing Newhaven Display's 7.0" HDMI Premium TFT Module. HDMI Interfacing support is standard with all the HDMI TFT Modules; this means that any controller capable of HDMI output can be easily connected and communicate with the display via standard HDMI cable. You'll also find an on-board DC power port, as well as reliable Texas Instruments™ ICs. This module features a Newhaven Display 7.0" Premium TFT with improved brightness and a wide optimal viewing range. The NHD-7.0-HDMI-N-RSXV-CTU outputs a quality image at a large size via HDMI interfacing, and maintains image quality at any viewing angle.

This Premium 7.0" HDMI TFT Module brings HDMI compatibility at a larger display size with improved brightness performance. The NHD-7.0-HDMI-N-RSXV-CTU promises a high-quality image and greatly enhanced optimal viewing angles.